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Why BoldMODE? Because it encompasses who we are as entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries: Today, we can do more than just thinkbig.  We can even do more than thinkbold; we help codify those bold (or disruptive) thoughts into bold (or disruptive) action plans and take bold (or disruptive) steps to disrupt an industry, a product, or a service. And when we do this, most funds view this a bold that we bucked the status quo. But to us it is natural, as we are at a once in a lifetime moment advanced technology or AI, such as the driverless cars that will be a reality a year from now, will impact every space. And that's the irony in "BoldMODE's name: Our conviction to the power of disruption and AI & advanced technology has led others to call us "bold", but given our strong track record & experience, the only thing "bold" to us is the "MODE" at which we strive to challenge the status quo...


We are fortunate to live in an era akin to the industrial revolution, the rise of the personal computer, when greats like Gates, Jobs, and Woz thrived on a timely opportunity of the disruption of the computer , to the internet that led to so much wealth gained (and subsequently lost),  In each case, opportunity was everywhere if you we part of the revolution; and advanced technology isn't a fad, it's the future.  Who even thought in 2015 we'd maybe have driverless cars in 2019 and that is a now a reality.  The world of advanced technology, extreme articial intelegence, deep machine learning, blockchain, etc. is here to stay and we can harness the power to not only impove our daily lives, but transform thousands of industries.  


And this is what we do. WE are so passionate about the need for change to occur across many industries, our passion continues to burn deep for that next idea that could just be yours. We love to hear a disruptr's story.  We read through business plans on a daily basis, and we see entrepreneurs with strong technological backgrounds bring new applications of technology that we can help transform into an innovative solution. BoldMODE's leaders and advisors are some of the most recognized names at the forefront of this revolution. When partnering with BoldMODE, you benefit from guidance on potential applications of advanced technology, leadership, and connections to help a transformative idea optimize its full potential.  


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