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Our First Music Star Signed by boldMODE Promoitions!  Taylor Carson

Technology & Innovation: Our team and operating partners understand the most advanced forms of technology and can provide our partners guidance. Holistically, we know these advancements will, sooner than most believe, become the underlying foundation for a more secure, more efficient, and lower cost daily life for all of us. Imagine a decentralized, digital world -- likely via a form of blockchain -- where your various attributes -- such as name, address, work history, and medical records to name a few -- start to work together dynamically to turn YOUR currently independent identity that is subject to errors, inefficiency, and fraud into a single self-sovereign identity (all via a single key) that YOU control.  This can be done on a form of block-chain through a distributed trust model, eliminating the risk of identity fraud or the need for 3rd parties such as the credit bureau behind the recent data breach. Very few investors understand the most advanced technology and the multitude of its applications better than we do, and we provide that extensive institutional knowledge to our partners to help them build more than just a business. And not only do we see the near future that seems unimaginable to most as fully identifiable and realistic, but we are building businesses that are laying that foundation of the world and each of our own identities.

Find a special treat from a BoldMODE portfolio company & next International superstar, Taylor Carson
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